Surround Your Structures With Extreme Value When You Use R-Shield

Engineered to meet virtually any wall insulation need, with long-term thermal value, protection and project control.

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For Any Wall Insulation Need, R-Shield Has a Solution

R-Shield® rigid insulation is one of the oldest, proven and preferred wall grade insulations for residential and commercial construction. 

  • R-value that never changes and is stable over time
  • Closed cell insulation with superior moisture resistance
  • High drying potential to rapidly release absorbed moisture
  • Meets code requirements for continuous insulation
  • 100% recyclable after its life as building insulation
  • Can be manufactured with a proven and safe additive that effectively resists termites.

Customize for your project needs, R-Shield is available standard as EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), PLUS with protective facer, or upgraded to GPS MAX (Higher R-value Graphite).  These options come in a huge range of sizes and densities to meet wall insulation, EIFS (exterior insulation and finish systems) and exterior architectural molded shape project needs.

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R-Shield Wall Insulation Products

Exterior Sheathing

Available in Standard, Plus & Max

Fanfold Siding Underlayment

Available in Plus only

Cavity Wall

Available in Standard, Plus & Max

Nail Base ci (Continuous Insulation)

Available in Standard, Plus & Max

Nail Base 2ci (Continuous Insulation)

Available in Standard, Plus & Max

Nail Base 3ci (Continuous Insulation)

Available in Standard, Plus & Max

Nail Strip

Available in Standard

WSG (Wall Specification Grade) for EIFS

Available in Standard & Max

Tongue & Groove Stucco Board

Available in Standard & Max

Concrete Precast Insulation

Available in Standard & Max

Protection Boards

Available in Standard, Plus & Max


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Boston's Big Dig Geofoam | Boston, MA

Broadway Lofts Geofoam | Kansas City, MO

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