Geofoam Delivers Exceptional Lightweight Structural Fill Solutions

R-Shield Geofoam is engineered with exceptional strength and flexibility, ready to tackle any geotechnical application. 

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Structural Stability Starts With Geofoam

In the construction industry, R-Shield Geofoam is among the most versatile lightweight materials available. Traditional dirt/earth materials are heavy and must also account for settlement, instability, and lateral pressures. Other fill materials such as foamed concrete, waste tires, soil, woodchips, wood fiber, etc., have higher densities and are variable in their makeup. They also have limitations in handling and can be weather sensitive, thus requiring staged construction and/or preloading, surcharging and draining, etc. Ultimately, Geofoam is proven to be most consistent and predictable material when it comes to weight, composition, and performance.

R-Shield Geofoam is produced in block form, installed much faster than dirt, and is easily positioned at the work site. It can be customized in the factory and manufactured to meet the needs strength and size needs of each project.

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Common Geofoam Construction Applications

Plaza Decks & Foundations

Retaining Walls

Lightweight Roads

Bridge Abutments

Weight Reduction for Utilities

Side Hills/Slope Stabilization

Stadium Seating/Elevation Changes

Vegetative/ Green Roof

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Increased Efficiencies with GeoFoam

R-Shield Geofoam maximizes onsite installation efficiency: material arrives ready to place, no weather delays, the material can be prefabricated or cut at the jobsite, no staging is required, the material can be inventoried, production efficiency is improved, and it is easy to handle.

The advantages of using R-Shield Geofoam include: 

  • Predictable material behavior 
  • Manufactured to meet ASTM D6817 
  • Variety of Types to meet specific project requirements 
  • Super lightweight compared to other fills 
  • Inert in long-term burial conditions, no leachates 
  • Easily shaped in the field or supplied prefabricated 
  • Borate termite protection is available 
  • Cost-effective solution 
  • Long-lasting, strong, and stable

R-Shield Geofoam Overview & Applications


Explore the Geofoam Portfolio

See R-Shield Geofoam products in use and explore our gallery of completed projects.

>Enloe Medical Center R-Shield Walls & Architectural Shapes | Chico, CA

Enloe Medical Center R-Shield Walls & Architectural Shapes | Chico, CA

>Harkins Theater Geofoam Stadium Seating | Denver, CO

Harkins Theater Geofoam Stadium Seating | Denver, CO

>Atlanta Country Club Geofoam | GA

Atlanta Country Club Geofoam | GA

>Carver Hawkeye Arena R-Shield Below Grade | Iowa City, IA

Carver Hawkeye Arena R-Shield Below Grade | Iowa City, IA

>Millennium Park Geofoam | Chicago, IL

Millennium Park Geofoam | Chicago, IL

>New Orlean's Airport Geofoam | LA

New Orlean's Airport Geofoam | LA

>Boston's Big Dig Geofoam | Boston, MA

Boston's Big Dig Geofoam | Boston, MA

>Broadway Lofts Geofoam | Kansas City, MO

Broadway Lofts Geofoam | Kansas City, MO

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