Specialty Applications of Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

Cut. Shape. Fabricate. Laminate. You're in control.

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You're In Control With The Flexibility of R-Shield

Cut, shape, fabricate and laminate, R-Shield gives you control over the design and engineering of the EPS (expanded polystyrene) components you need.

R-Shield delivers an enormous range of strength, fill, cushioning, insulation and consists of 90% air offering manufacturers all over North America light weight component solutions for their own products and systems. 

Custom OEM solutions include: 

  • Exterior architectural shapes
  • Garage & coor insulation cores
  • RV coach & body insulation
  • Refrigeration & cold storage/temperature control
  • Production & display fabrications
  • Product packaging
  • Floatation & marine applications
  • Utility Insulation
  • Compressors, cabinets, foam casting, and more!

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R-Shield Specialty Product Applications

Architectural Shapes


Fabricated Displays

Pipe Insulation


Concrete Applications


Specialty & Industrial Resources


Few materials offer the custom engineering properties of R-Shield. Strict, consistent manufacturing standards ensure uniformly high-quality expanded polystyrene used for industrial applications and OEM products. With knowledge of what’s been tested and proven in different applications, you have a partner on the design, the materials, the processes, and the overall quality of your product needs. Explore the following documents to get started. 

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