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Surround Your Structure with Superior R-Shield

From frost line to roof line, R-Shield delivers rigid insulation solutions for virtually any critical insulation application.


R-Shield Performs In All Applications


Lightweight, long-lasting, and strong structural fill solutions.


High-performing roof insulation compatible with all major roofing assemblies.


Any wall, any thermal application, long-term continuous insulating power.

Below Grade

Thermal protection engineered to withstand moisture and save energy.


Custom solutions for a massive variety of industrial product packaging needs.


Simplify architectural shapes, floatation, utility protection, movie sets, and more. The possibilities are endless.

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R-Shield Delivers Unsurpassed Performance Advantages

R-Shield is a rigid insulation manufactured to provide designers, contractors & building owners with every feature required of a high quality insulation. There is simply no other rigid insulation that provides the level of performance for the cost. When comparing features, R-Shield is simply your best choice for rigid insulation in any application.

  • Stable R-value – R-Shield has a R-value that never changes over time.
  • Strength – R-Shield comes in compressive strengths of 10, 13, 15, 25, 40, and 60 psi.
  • Moisture Resistance – R-Shield is a closed cell polystyrene insulation and is resistant to moisture gain.
  • Vapor Permeable – R-Shield allows moisture vapor to move through its structure.
  • Termite Resistant - Manufactured with borate, a proven and safe additive, that effectively resists termites
  • Warranty - 50-year R-value warranty, regardless of thickness or application.


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R-Shield Drives Sustainability To Another Level

Using R-Shield in building construction results in exceptionally insulated spaces, reduced energy consumption, and a plethora of other ways R-Shield helps protect our environment. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) has shown R-Shield products offer significant energy savings and substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life of the products.

R-Shield does not use ozone-depleting blowing agents, and after its life as building insulation, R-Shield is 100% recyclable and reincorporated into new R-Shield products. Something few other rigid insulation products can state.

R-Shield also earns project credits for green building initiative programs, such as LEED Certification, as well as valuable environmental tax credits and incentives both for contractors and building owners. 



Explore the R-Shield Portfolio

See our products in action and explore our gallery of completed projects.

>Enloe Medical Center R-Shield Walls & Architectural Shapes | Chico, CA

Enloe Medical Center R-Shield Walls & Architectural Shapes | Chico, CA

>Harkins Theater Geofoam Stadium Seating | Denver, CO

Harkins Theater Geofoam Stadium Seating | Denver, CO

>Atlanta Country Club Geofoam | GA

Atlanta Country Club Geofoam | GA

>Carver Hawkeye Arena R-Shield Below Grade | Iowa City, IA

Carver Hawkeye Arena R-Shield Below Grade | Iowa City, IA

>Millennium Park Geofoam | Chicago, IL

Millennium Park Geofoam | Chicago, IL

>New Orlean's Airport Geofoam | LA

New Orlean's Airport Geofoam | LA

>Boston's Big Dig Geofoam | Boston, MA

Boston's Big Dig Geofoam | Boston, MA

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