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Simplify Roofing With Precision Products

At R-Shield, precision isn't just a term; it's our foundation. Factory-cut EPS insulation elevates our precision..

Revolutionizing Road Construction With Geofoam: The Great Performer and Cost-Friendly Choice

With a proven track record, R-Shield Geofoam provides reliable solutions for enhanced efficiency, durability, and..

Soundproofing and Indoor Air Quality Benefits of R-Shield Insulation

R-Shield insulation offers a winning combination of soundproofing and indoor air quality benefits that help you design and..

Maximizing Comfort and Savings: The Role of Wall Insulation in Construction

Wall insulation is indispensable in building design and construction, maintaining energy conservation, structural integrity,..

Safeguarding Your Building’s Future With EPS Insulation

We recognize the key role insulation plays in construction durability. That’s why our EPS insulation is crafted to be the..

Strengthening Structures: Geofoam’s Remarkable Role in Earthquake Resilience

Geofoam’s lightweight yet durable nature defies conventional construction materials. But how does it help strengthen..


Understanding Geofoam: A Revolutionary Material for Soil Stabilization

Discover the distinctive characteristics of Geofoam, its role in soil stabilization, and the transformative benefits it..


The Foundation of Efficiency: Understanding Continuous Insulation in Modern Buildings

Continuous insulation provides an 360-degree barrier, ensuring that every square inch of the building envelope is optimized..


R-Shield Rigid Insulation vs Traditional Insulation

When it comes to insulating buildings and structures, striking the perfect balance between superior performance and cost is..


Reviving Existing Buildings: EPS Insulation’s Leading Role in Energy Efficiency Retrofitting

Retrofitting existing buildings for improved energy efficiency has become a pressing need. EPS insulation stands out as a..


The Power of R-Shield Insulation in Compliance With 2021 Building Codes

2021 building and energy codes have set new standards prioritizing energy efficiency. Learn how R-Shield insulation complies..


Top 5 Benefits of R-Shield Engineered Insulation

When it comes to constructing energy-efficient buildings, choosing the right insulation is crucial. Explore the top features..


What Is the Best Type of Insulation? A Comprehensive Comparison

At the heart of your building lies insulation, a versatile element with many applications. But how do you determine which..


Unlocking the Potential of Geofoam Insulation in Modern Construction

Discover the benefits of Geofoam insulation in modern construction. R-Shield Geofoam is lightweight, efficient, and..

Design Professionals

Understanding the Role of Thermal Stability in Building Performance

Learn why thermal stability is important and how it influences your entire building system.


Comparing & Understanding R-Shield's Warranties for Rigid Insulation Products & Systems

With Premier Building Systems' thorough insulation warranty, R-Shield products offer unmatched thermal performance, moisture..

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